Maggie & Page

Maggie is a 3 year old, Silver Fawn Colored, Typical Puggle, Page is an 9 year old, Fawn colored, Non-Typical Puggle

Puggles are the mix of Pug and Beagle.  They are said to be considered a designer breed!  Well, there is nothing designer about this pup, she is a RANCH Puggle!! The 1st couple of years she had really bad allergies to being out at the barn, but she overcame that and now loves to spend hours outside, running around with me.  She is extremely smart & knows to stay out from under the horses.  This pup is the closest I have ever had to having my own child, I sometimes wait to see if she  just might start talking me!!  I love her so much cause she really is MY furbaby!!!  I actually have several of these, the rest are just MUCH bigger than her! Info on Maggie to come...stay tuned!!!


7 Year Old Palimino,

Hackney/Fell Pony, 14.1hh

We have now had Gideon almost a year!  He has made such a precious place for himself here at Equine Sense!  He trail rides, jumps and shows.  And always looks good doing it!  He is a beautiful mover and works best with advanced riders but is learning to help out the beginners too!

   Free The Cat

Barn Name: Wesley

12 Year Old , Chestnut OTTB, 16.1hh

Wesley is one of the newest additions to Equine Sense.  He was born a race horse and raced for 2 years only to find that he just wasn't fast enough. He then moved on to Barrel Racing, and teaching students to learn how to barrel race.  Again he wasn't fast enough.  Thankfully he wasn't very fast cause we wouldn't have found him if he was and we are just fine with his speed!

He has an amazing spring in his and is extremely loving with a will to please!


18 Year Old, Black & White, Grade Tabiono Paint, 15.1hh

I was given Joey in in 2014 by one of my former students, Diane Goddard.  He is considered my  project horse and continues to improves beyond my expectations on a daily basis.  I feel in his heart he truly wants to be a pleaser, so we are continuously working on building his vocabulary, So that one day he can prove himself as an additional teacher to our students.

Kara Lund Padilla


I have always, throughout my life, had a strong passion for horses & helping people! Like most little girls I dreamed of owning my own one day!  Even though I am predominantly self-taught, I do take lessons, just like my students,  from time to time to stay current  on my techniques. I soak up EVERYTHING when someone tells me where I can improve, I read/watch endless information about horses, I am always looking for ways to improve their diets, ground manners & movement skills. My goal is to share what I learn & what the horses teach me with my students!



23 Year Old, Spotted Burro

Mimi's life has been spent here on the ranch, her primary job is to protect the herd!

Although, it hasn't always been a herd of horses.  She spent most of her early years protecting a herd of sheep. She is shy but comes out of her shell when the kids get here and the treats start coming out.  She has even become friends with most of my students and even their parents enjoy her silly way of hanging around at just at the right moment!!


20 Year Old,

Flea Bitten Grey  Registered Arabian, 14.2h

For 5 years Fudgie was  a pet & an extremely beautiful yard ornament for Canidis & Lauent Perron, Then, one day my husband decided  to just hop up  on his back, aided with a halter and reins he proceeded to ride him all over the place with no refusal or hesitation from this dear & sweet horse, he did whatever was asked of him. I knew then he would make and extremely valuable addition to my program.  He is currently my 1st choice for our new beginner riders. At times I do believe he is smiling and I am not completely sure he even knows that he is a horse!!

Sarah Olson Cox


 A native of South Florida, she grew up competing in local Hunter/Jumpers, as well as being an avid participant in the United States Pony Club. In early 2002, she had moved to Georgia and was a volunteer for a Therapeutic Hippotherapy program at a local barn. It was there and under the guidance of

renowned Thoroughbred & BLM Mustang Trainer, Rebecca Bowman, that she returned to Hunter/Jumper for a time and quickly shifted over to 3 Day Eventing. While working full time on her B.S in Psychology, she ran her own lesson programs, teaching beginners through advanced riders, as well as Special Needs children the gift & love of horses. 
Sarah currently resides in Boerne with her husband, Sam, daughters Shelby & Stella & their Doberman, Ruger.



12 Year old​

Black, Grade Gelding, 14.2hh

Maverick came to us as a surrender, Equine Senses first rescue.  He had fallen on hard times and we felt that he should come and stay with us so we could help him rehab and get healthy.  We don't have any idea what he has in store for us but as long as he is health and happy, we are too!  Stay tuned to see his progress on his Facebook page Maverick's Makeover.  You can even donate to help support his special diet needs, vet bills and farrier services on FB, Maverick's Makeover Fundraiser. 

Smart Chics Top Pick

Barn Name: Topper

16 Yer Old Chestnut, American Quarter Horse 16hh

Topper actually found Equine Sense, and changed our program for the better!!

Topper is our School Master. He can teach young beginners to advanced jumpers!  He loves his job no mater what he is doing.  He will take to the trails but prefers to be going over jumps in the arena!